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maybe my favorite combination of words.

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The point.

There just comes a point in life where you have to realize that sometimes things don’t happen the way that you want them to, when you want them to, or where you want them to. Life is kind of a hot, steaming, loaf of shit sometimes, but sometimes it’s really fucking beautiful, too. I’m not going to discuss the meaning of life here, because that to me is a very personal thing and, in some cases, a spiritual one. Not only do people tend to disagree about this meaning, but they tend to fight about it, too. That’s not the purpose of this post. 

This, as all of my other posts are, is a rant. Life isn’t fair sometimes, dudes. And I know that my life is literally the cakiest of cake walks in most scenarios, but I can’t help to sit and wallow every now and again when things go awry. I’ve been engaged for a few weeks, and I love it. I love the guy, I love the support, love, and positive vibes that have been streaming our way since it happened, and I just in general love the situation. I, like many people, have dreamed of finding a life partner and I finally have. But life is so complicated. Money rules everything and sometimes plans have to be postponed, sometimes indefinitely. That hurts my heart so badly, guys. I work a full time job, and so does he. We are both students and while my parents are very much willing to provide a wedding for us, it’s the after that we’re unsure about. 

Where will we live? How will be responsible adults when we aren’t even capable of being fiscally responsible for ourselves? Should we get cable? What about life insurance? Wtf is a cell phone bill? Cable? WIFI? Water? Dudes, I’ve always lived at home, tucked under mommy and daddy’s wings and I’m not going to apologize for that, because they have been my greatest strength, my most unwavering support, and my source of greatest comfort at all times, and I love them to a degree unknown to most. But it has sheltered me from most of reality. In Morgan land when you decide you’re ready to get married and you know that your life is headed in a pretty sweet direction and you know how to do laundry and cook and clip coupons and stuff, you should be able to get married. You should be able to think about having a baby and stuff. In my world, when you get married and have all the good intentions and work really damn hard at your job AND in school, you should be able to make enough money to provide for yourself and your family. 

It’s just kind of shitty to me, ya know. I’m not all about socialism or anything like that, I just want to get married, and continue to be able to afford my prescriptions, shampoo, and food that isn’t processed into oblivion. I don’t want to have to work overtime every day just so we make enough money to save a little. I’ve lead an incredibly privileged life, and I’m not suggesting that that lifestyle should continue into my wife years, but I am suggesting that I would like to be a part of a dual income dual school attending house hold that doesn’t have to struggle always. And I wish that for literally everyone else experiencing an economic hardship. 

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Mandi Nelson Photography


Mandi Nelson Photography

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